May 21st

Fresh this week!  Greens, spinach, radishes; bedding plants,  veggie seedlings;  fiddleheads, wild mushroooms;  local meats, rootcellar carrot, parsnips & spuds;  home baking and good coffee; and come see what else!


May 14th

Thanks to Springtime for showing up just in time for our first market last week, and to Ricki and Brian for the beautiful music – wonderful beginnings to the new season.

This week at the market we will have veggie seedlings and bedding plants;  fresh greens and radishes; raspberry canes and root cellar veggies; local meats; and a scrumptious selection of fresh baked treats and Sacred Headwaters blend coffee.  We’re expecting six or seven vendors, so come and have a look at the great variety of local food that we have available in May!

Music Entertainment TBA

May 7th

This Saturday at the market we’ll have the first tender greens of the season, along with radishes, hopefully some seedlings and bedding plants, root cellar vegetables, local meats, fresh baking and good coffee.  And we’ll see what else.  Plants and farmers alike are hoping for a few more degrees of warmth!  Come and celebrate the start of the new growing season!

Musical entertainment by Ricki and Brian

First market of the season is May 7

Farmers and gardeners in the valley and beyond are about ready to spring out of their winter dormancy and start planting.  Seed packets are flying furiously through the mail, buckets of potting soil are being hauled inside to thaw, and those first tentative seeds are emerging from the flats behind woodstoves and under grow lights.   Soon every south-facing window will be lined with tender plants basking in the sun and cheering on the melting of the snow.

The Hazelton Farmers’ Market is set to reemerge for the new season at the Skeena Ice Arena on the first weekend in May.  New vendors are always welcome.

Grow it, Make it, or Bake it, and bring it to the market!